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Propecia is the most popular remedy for the treatment of the androgenetic alopecia. This medical remedy not only slows down the hair loss in men but also restores hair on the affected ereas of the skin.

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Product Description

Propecia Australia is the most effective modern remedy against hair loss in men. This medication is directed on stopping of hair loss and stimulation of hair follicles which restore hair on affected areas. Active substance of Propecia is Finasteride. From the beginning Finasteride was directed on treatment of prostatitis, but as a result it was found that its usage stops hair loss and stimulates hair growth in affected areas. Pharmacologic effect of this drug is characterized by restoring of hormonal balance of male hormones particularly testosterone. Reducing of testosterone and increasing of dihydrotestosterone leads to hair loss, therefore Finasteride has opposite effect, reducing the production of dihydrotestosterone and increasing level of testosterone. After 2 weeks of Propecia usage, process of hair loss will significantly decrease and after few months begin to appear new hair.

Common use

Tablets of Propecia are needed to be used 1 time a day, independent from eating with enough amount of water. Minimal day dose is 1 pill Propecia 1 mg .Usually, treatment is began from minimal dose, to estimate effectiveness of drug and sensibility of organism to active substance. In case of good drug’s tolerance, dose can be increased till 5 mg. It is possible to use much higher dose but pharmacological effect will not change. In case of need therapy can be continued for a long time, until permanent use of drug. However, duration of permanent treatment can’t exceed more than 1 year, after that it is needed to have a break in 2-3 months, and after the treatment can be restored again.


  1. Patients with kidney failure require using this drug very carefully and always keeping serious control of kidney state.
  2. Carefully use capsules by men with obstructive uropathy.
  3. Before treatment by Finasteride and periodically in process of treatment must be managed survey on prostate cancer.


  1. Propecia is forbidden to use by women, children and men with individual Finasteride intolerance.
  2. In case of tumors in area of prostate the use of drug is contradicted.

Possible Side Effects

During clinical tests of drug, was established that less than 3% of men used Propecia, was marked decreasing of erection, libido, increasing of mammary glands, reducing the size of ejaculate.
These side effect were marked only in case of drug use, as a result, men got restored all sexual function.

Drug Interaction

General active component of Finasteride Australia almost doesn’t chemically react with none of spread medical remedy. During clinical test was not established harmful influence of Propecia active substances on other medications or vise a versa. However, before beginning of therapy it is needed to tell your doctor about all medications which you use without prescription.

Missed Dose

If you missed the moment of drug use, you must wait for time of next use and take only 1 dose. There is no need to use double or triple dose, because it can be not safe for the organism.


Propecia is well taken by male organism even in big doses, however, in rare cases can happen overdose by drug, symptoms of which will manifest by allergic reaction (rush, itching, inflammation, redness.) Given case requires consultation with your doctor.


Propecia capsules online are required to keep in dry, protected from light and children place. Expiration date of drug is 3 years.


The information represented in this article has extremely informative nature and is not a guide for the obligatory action. All information about the initial use, mechanism of the action, contraindications, common use, side effects, medical interaction, and storage is intended for the general idea about the medical product and additional increase of knowledge.

Before taking any medical product it is necessary to consult a qualified health care professional. Full responsibility for the non-compliance with the doctor’s recommendations rests with only a patient who takes medications.