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Cialis: The Side Effects

October 15th, 2018 | Posted by Australian Pharmacy Support in Treatment ED - (Comments Off on Cialis: The Side Effects)


All medication, whether it is over the counter or prescription, comes with side effects. Side effects are a secondary reaction to the effects the medication should provide. Once in a great while, a medication is prescribed for its side effects rather than for the primary effect. Consumers should always check the list of reported side effects before using any product for the first time.

Men should only use Cialis after ruling out other medical conditions that may cause erectile dysfunction. If side effects are experienced while using the medication, men should always seek medical help as quickly as possible. Men should stop using Cialis if side effects persist or worsen.

There are a variety of side effects that are less serious in nature and include muscle and back pain, chest, face and neck flushing, upset stomach and diarrhea, cold symptoms that include sore throat, sneezing and stuffy nose and headaches. These symptoms are typically temporary and are due to early use of the product before the body has had time to adjust to the ingestion of the tablets. The symptoms will diminish over time, in most cases, but an over the counter medication may deliver relief from the side effects until they eventually fade away on their own.

More serious side effects include shortness of breath, profuse sweating or a general ill feeling, nausea, irregular heartbeat, a heavy feeling in the chest or chest pain that spreads to the arms and shoulders, ringing in the ears or sudden and unexpected hearing loss, changes in vision or vision loss. Men who experience any of these symptoms to any degree should stop using the product and seek medical help immediately.

Side effects may come about from not using the medication as directed. Taking more than prescribed at any one time will not enhance the effects. Mixing Cialis with alcohol, prescription or over the counter medications or recreational drugs may trigger an adverse side effect or cause the development of an illness or condition that may compromise health. An inappropriate combination of medications should always be avoided. Men should consult their doctor about using Cialis if they are taking any kind of medication, prescription, over the counter or otherwise.

A side effect of using Cialis that sometimes benefits men is it acts as an antidepressant. Cialis is known to lower blood pressure in some cases and temper cases of hypertension. While Cialis is known to cause a sudden drop in blood pressure in men taking a medication characterized as a beta blocker, men with hypertension but not taking medication for it may experience a small drop in blood pressure that is non-life threatening.

It is always important to use Cialis as directed. If side effects are experienced they should be tracked by the user and reported to Cialis, through MedWatch, if they persist or are extreme. New side effects should always be reported to MedWatch and can be done via telephone, email or fax. Always include as much detail as possible and make sure the medication was used properly.